Western Choice

Western Choice is a deluxe segment whisky and delivers a smooth taste, bringing together a fine blend of Indian malt and grain spirits. Experience this exquisite and smooth palate whisky

  • Label Design
  • Packaging Design


Designing whisky labels and packaging for the Indian market poses a unique challenge as it is a country with diverse cultures, traditions, and preferences. The design needs to appeal to the target audience and fit into the particular market segment.


Conduct research to understand the Indian market and consumer preferences. It will help to identify the target audience, consumer behavior, and cultural sensitivities. Whisky in India is usually associated with luxury, status, and celebrations.

The packaging design should be aesthetically appealing, functional, and comply with local regulations. The packaging should reflect the brand identity and evoke the premium nature of the product.

liquor packaging design
whisky bottle packaging design
whisky label design

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